How far back?

My most distant ancestor is Gaut Ænes (my 22 great grandfather) who lived around 1100. He was a close administrator for king Magnus Erlingson in the 1160´s. This line is coming from my grandfather Ole Valen and his mother Sara Larsdtr Eidsvåg. Going back this line, one can find no less than four noble families, Priest´s and local sherrif´s. Exiting history

An unlucky man

Hans Ellingson Årekol(my 9 great grandfather) was a man that often provoked and you can say he was not a mothers best child. He was killed in 1672 or 1673 claiming money for a timber log that had been stolen from him. He chased the man owing him money to a barn door and was stabbed through the door and injured so bad that he died…. not much to die for today… This line comes from my grandmother Sofie Andrea Vestvik and her mother Anna Gurine Anbjørnsdatter Svortland.

The witch burner

 John Cunningham is my 9th great grandfather on the Westre side. He is said to be the bastard son of Alexander Cunningham of West barnes in Scotland. He was a competent seaman and served under King James VI and the danish king Christian IV. He was set to rule Finnmark in northern Norway. He became on of the most notorious witch hunters in Norwgian history. According to historical findings, 52 people are said to be burned as witches under Johns time as ruler of Finnmark. He is also the 4th great grandfather of Dominicus Nagel, also mentioned on this side.

His ancestors are tracked  back to kings in Ireland as far back as  year 300. This is not something that is verified by myself yet, only from other sites, so I will have to do some work before i will put it into my tree.

A violent man

It seems like my 12 Great grandfather Christopher Trondsen Rustung was a man of violence, as he in 1563 burned down Utstein monestry on the west coast of Norway after the reformation. Luckily it has survived and is a fantastic place to visit. This line is also coming from my grandfather Ole Valen and his mother Sara Larsdtr Eidsvåg. This line splits in the marrige between Laurits Johanneson Galte and Elisabeth Ottesdtr Orning. Christopher Rustung was Laurits great grandfather. Elisabeth Ottesdtr Orning is decending from Gaut Ænes mentioned in the left coulumn. Also exiting history to learn

A priest with a temper

Dominicus Nagel is my 5 great grandfather and was a parish vicar in Skjold from ca 1733 to 1749.He was an original and somewhat disputed and also with quite a temper. He cared for the poor and sick and he buildt a hospital for the people with leprosy. Although false, the story tells that his priestly ministry was taken away from him, but by the time the message arrived, he had committed suicide and sat dead in his office….. This line comes from my grandfather Gudmund Gudmundsen Vestre and via the Smedsvik line. For futher reading look into the book “Skjoldafolket og Kyrkja deira”